"[What's A BIG "how To" SECRET They Really Want To Know?:]"

Hi, my name is [Your name:] and welcome to [The website you’re welcoming them to:].

In the next few minutes, you are going to discover “HOW TO X WITHOUT Y EVEN IF YOU’VE DONE Z” just like [The niche group of people you target (plural):] from all over the country/world.

We’ve even put together a [GUIDE/CHECKLIST/BLUEPRINT] showing you“HOW TO X WITHOUT Y”.

Just tell us where to send it to and click the “Send Me The Guide” button below and you’ll instantly receive the [NAME OF FIO] in your inbox

Also, on the next page, you’ll receive all the information that shows you “HOW TO X WITHOUT Y ESPECIALLY IF YOU’VE DONE Z”.

So go ahead… enter your first name, your email address and click the “Send Me the guide button to instantly receive the guide in your inbox.

YES! I’m Ready To [What is a BIG result they want? (VERB):]

YES! I'm Ready To Get The result you're proposing!

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